Traditional Crane
Traditional Crane Sample
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Creator: Traditional

Diagrammer: Jason Ku

Details: The crane is a very old traditional model from Japan. It is probably the most recognized origami model in the world, with a long history symbolic of prosperity and peace. You can find free diagrams for the crane all over the place (including in the diagrams section on the OrigamiUSA website), but I drew these diagrams because I was not happy with the existing instructions for the crane that I could find. I wanted to diagram it in my own style on a single page so that it could be used for teaching. For example, two paths are presented for the petal fold in step 6: one for beginners including pre-creasing, and the more direct path familiar to advanced folders. Please feel free to purchase these diagrams to fold the model and teach it to your friends, but if they would like a copy of these diagrams for themselves, please direct them here!

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