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14 flat patterns are shown for making a dodecahedron calendar desk top ornament.

The ornament is made by cutting out the flat pattern along the solid black lines, scoring and creasing mountain creases along the dashed lines, and gluing the glue tabs to the back of the pattern which becomes the inside of the dodecahedron. Each face of the dodecahedron has one month on it, and one dodecahedron calendar is good for one year.

The 14 flat patterns are each identified by a letter of the alphabet, A through N, and a catalog specifies which pattern is good for which year. The catalog identifies all the years up to 2066, after which you will need to make a new catalog. The patterns up to 2040 have the number of the year printed on the pattern.

One of the patterns will always be good for the current year, forever. Since the year can start on any one of 7 days, and since it's either a leap year or not-a-leap-year, 14 patterns are all you need, forever.

The patterns are offered for their unique graphics, which are clear and useful.

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Bennett Arnstein