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This unique book explores the joy of origami through food, movement, and hospitality. Full color photographs of the models are in the front of the book, which is then separated into four sections. The diagrams are clear and clearly show the two sides of the paper as you fold. Diagrams are in Japanese.

Eat; Take a spring roll wrap and fold a Helmet, Twisted Rose, Crane, Bamboo Leaf and then enjoy!

Heal: Relax and enjoy folding models that have movement like a Child's Toy, Infinity, Rabbit, Pinwheel, Lips, Caterpillar, Mouse, Pig, Dragon, Rooster, Kappa, Elephant,Child's outfit.

Welcome: Use origami as useful items such as Inscription Plate by Nagato Noriko, Seal Chopstick Wrap, Chopstick Rest, A4 Rhombic Unit by Nick Robinson, Pencil, Pencil Box, Double Crane, and Crane Ring by Okamura Masao

Play: Namako by Fujimoto Shuzo, Folding Hat by Nojima Takatoshi and Dress

96pp PB (S-C) #B20-022