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Tough, tear-resistant, parchment-look paper with a smooth finish. This is the same paper as "Elefantenhaut" and "Wyndstone Marble." This heavy paper is ideal for wet-folding and tessellations. Single color packages include 10 sheets. Specify color: light brown, chamois, light grey. Same color both sides, 110 gsm weight. See review at
19.5” x 27.5” 10 sheets

This paper is shipped rolled and in a triangular tube, so there may be a separate shipping charge if other items are ordered that are not shipped in a tube (e.g., book).
In addition, USPS is charging non-standard dimension fees for larger packages that take up more space on their trucks. Therefore, we will ship elephant hide rolled from the short side to take advantage of the smallest fee. We can only ship 10 sheets, or 1 pack in a tube at a time.

Please note that light blue is no longer available.