Enhancing Mathematics with Origami
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This book explores the power of origami to prove mathematical concepts in an engaging and tactile way for students studying geometry. Not only would this book be invaluable to a geometry class, but also it would also be useful in any math class, because it teaches students how to creatively solve problems, find patterns, and generalize mathematical concepts. In six chapters of original folding methods, students will see geometry theorems come to life like butterflies in their palms. Rather than having to memorize formulas, they will physically see where these fundamental theorems derive from. These activities do not need to be taught in any specific order, and they are designed to supplement a curriculum and add a spark of fun to class. This book will enrich students’ fascination for geometry and entertain them at the same time.
All proceeds from this book will be donated to the OrigamiUSA Scholarship Fund.

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Sophie Usherwood