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24+ kusudama models by the author and guest contributors Natalia Romanenko, Uniya Filonova, and Narong Krined. Included models: Platonic, Archimedean and Kepler-Poinsot Solids, Hearty Cube and Variations, Decorative Cube and Variations,, Patterned Skeloctahedron and Variatioins, Flora, Curly Locks, Zinnia 2 and Variation, Curled Sonobe, Juhi Sonobe, Centaury, Columbine, Gerbera and Variaitons, Poinsettia FLoral Ball 2, Fanfare and Variaiton, Origami My Heart, Heart Petals, Ornamental Omega 5, Compound of Five Tetradedra, Ornamental Cube, Dogwood Cube and FLower, Big Dot Cube, Frangipani, Cupidon, Crape Jasmine, . All are designed to lock together without glue. Full color photos of models on the covers, greyscale diagrams in the book. 90 pp. PB. (LI-HI) #B23-013

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