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33 kusudama models by the author. Included models: Poinciana, Delicata, Sonoma, Pentas, Vinca and Variation, April Blossoms, Cypress Vine Dodecahedron, May Blossoms, Bloomsome, Calendula and Variation, Plum Blossom, Royal Fern, Goldilocks, Cosmos Flowers, Festive Icosahedron, Flower Icosahedron, Mandevilla, Mandevilla 2, Minakari Icosahedron, Blossoming Icosahedron, Bloomdiada, Florisma, Spring Bloom, Icosidodecahedron, Floral Archimedeans, Rhenium, Deutzia, Altair, Altair Variation and Twenty. All are designed to lock together without glue. Full color photos of models on the covers and within book, two tone diagrams in the book. 78 pp. PB. (LI-HI) #B23-014

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