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30 models designed to avoid unnecessary steps complete this book. Models include Chibi Monster, Mouse, Shark, Crocodile, Penguin, Fish, Dune Trotter, Palm Trees, Skunk, Dancing Bear, Meow, Unicorn, Stegosaurus, Dragon, Sant Jordi Dragon, Weasel, Ermine, Big Bad Wolf, Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Basic Wolf, Moon Rabbit, Rabbit, Rose, Horse, Lucky Cat, Nuha Flower, Gorilla, Mustache, Beer Drinker, Surfer, Sandwich. The book has full color photos of models with two color diagrams to show front and back sides. Crease patterns accompany the color photos. Directions are in English and French with traditional folding symbols. Author includes suggestions for paper type and paper size. 160 pp, PB (I-SC), #B23-022

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