Two folded vessels in bronze wire mesh
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Included in this six page pdf are two crease diagrams used in the Friday class of PCOC 2017 held in Los Angeles. Also basic photographic instructions for the use of the crease diagrams and additional photographic notes on the actual methods that Ema Tanigaki uses in her art studio to create her wire mesh forms. Additionally a "hard to find materials" supplier list is included in this document.

Hard copy adhesive backed crease diagrams were handed out in class. For those who would like a digital copy to print their own paper templates, please purchase this download and support OUSA.

note: copyright permissions. Permission is granted to create mesh or vessels in any other material from these diagrams and to gift to friends and family. Do not duplicate the whole or parts of this document for distribution on any form without express written permission.

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Ema Tanigaki