Winter 2022 Bundle Gathering Folds
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Origami tessellations span the range from relaxingly repetitive to impossibly perplexing, especially when they are folded from crease patterns.
This crease pattern collection has 13 tessellations that cover that whole range while being foldable one twist at a time (none require precreasing, although it can help on a first attempt).
The dominant feature of this collection is extended symmetry applications on standard tilings, especially with hybrid twists, and unusual applications of trapezoid twists.
These tessellations were featured on the Gathering Folds Instagram page in the winter of 2022 and represent a small fraction of Madonna Yoder's total designs.
Several of the patterns have links to video tutorials for at least the central motif, while all link to a video of Madonna discussing the pattern and also to a list of suggested patterns to practice first.

The tessellations included are:
- Mirrored Fish
- Corset
- Fractured Tiles
- Wiggle Room
- Open Tri Star Lattice
- Celtic Roses
- Adrift
- Close Contacts
- Hazard Disks
- Suction
- Roundabout
- Mixed Depth Weave
- Propeller Weave

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