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26 insect models with diagrams that indicate the model size in relation to paper size. Start with simpler models such as the small cabbage white butterfly, fly, moth, giant water bug, predaceous diving beetle, cicada, and dragonfly. Tackle intermediate models that include the horse fly, swallowtail butterfly, long-horned beetle, stick insect, ant, mayfly, bee, mantis, stinkbug, and seven-spot ladybug. Challenge yourself with complex models such as the leaf insect, stag beetle, long-armed scarab, grasshopper, caucasus beetle, hercules beetle, and rhinoceros beetle. Two more challenging models include the five-horned rhinoceros beetle and the neptune beetle. Clear color diagrams to show both sides of paper with full color photos of finished models and a pictorial table of contents. In Japanese 128 pp.PB. (LI-C)