ITI's Cubes Group 1 - Clovery Cube
ITI's Cubes Group 1 - Crater Collapsed Star Cube
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This is my very first origami book of any kind! It contains five modular cubes, all Sonobe variations except one. Each Sonobe model different in how they arrive at the Sonobe shape, how they assemble, or how they make their patterns; but none require glue to make sturdy. Here's what the e-book has inside, including the models' names:

  • Power Fin Sonobe
  • Intersecting Fins Cube
  • Clovery Cube
  • Hour Glass Sonobe
  • Crater Collapsed Star Cube
  • Modular origami tips
  • Appendix A and B

The difficulty rating for this Mini e-book is overall Low Intermediate-Intermediate modular origami. The folding of the units is mostly simple, while some of the assemblies can get difficult. I placed each set of instructions in order from simplest to most complicated. In Appendix B, I list 3 sources for good Sonobe tutorials in case you're new to modular origami.

P.S. I'll respond to comments and questions, and revise the e-book based on feedback.

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