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In Japanese. Enjoy folding models all year round with this book. There are 37 models: Renjishi, Camelia, Kimono Money Envelope, Shishigashira, Rectangular Box, Heart Shaped Bag, Hina Dolls, Flower Bowl, Kintaro Doll, Samurai Helmet, Rose Card, Tie Case, Kusudama Ball, Goldfish, Diamond-Cut Box, Knotted Star, Jack-o'-Lantern, Ghost, Candy Shaped Box, Shichi-Go-San, Christmas Tree, 3-D Star, Santa Claus, Boots with Sole, Eggplant Shaped Ornament, House Box, Small Star Plate, Tote Bag, Trapezoidal Case, T-Card Case, Roll Paper Box, Octagonal Box, Triangular Tray with Lid, Small Chest of Drawers, Two Tier Box, Smart Phone Stand, and Glass Holder. Book has beautiful pictures to showcase the models and color diagrams to show front and back sides.
128 pp PB (S-HI) #B20-038

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