Magpie [pdf]

Origami Magpie Ryan Welsh
Origami Magpie Ryan Welsh
Origami Magpie Ryan Welsh
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Creator: Ryan Welsh
Diagrammer: Ryan Welsh
Details: 8 pages, 108 steps

This model was previously published in Origami Tanteidan Convention Book 18 and the diagrams underwent a few stylistic changes and minor error fixes.

I am being confronted by these misschievous birds a lot in Holland and it has been a long wish of mine to capture one in origami. I am quite pleased with the result. The model is box-pleated and consists of a 7x7 grid. It uses both sides of the paper.

The model on the photograph was folded and photographed by Eyal Reuveni:

Use paper at least 12" or 30 cm square.

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