Muppie Hogan's Origami Theatre and Puppets
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This is a 25 page PDF kit that includes diagrams for folding the puppets, stick puppets, and theatre. There are also templates for the theatre that can be printed out, scored and folded as an alternative, along with support templates, should one like to make the theatre even sturdier. There are colorful pages of hair, eyes, hands, hats and toys that can be printed and cut out to add on to the puppets, making them come alive. Included are 14 festive, color coordinated 4 1/2” square printable patterned papers, sized for folding the puppets. Learn through play many skills including the art of Origami, construction, color, cartooning, expression, storytelling, performing and more. Hours of interactive fun for the whole family!

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K. Dianne Stephens