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In Japanese. A collection of 28 origami masterpieces designed by several artists. Models include the Griffin by Katsuta, Virgo by Tsuruta, White Rhinoceros by Hashimoto, Styracosaurus by Kamiya, Asian Black Bear by Ik, Gorilla by Il, Horse by Woo, Cow by Tsuruta, Godzilla by Inoue, Cockroach by Katsuta, Chameleon by Nagayama, Pomeranian by Katsuta, Doberman by Woo, Fox by Ouchi, Wolf by Hagiwara, Chipmunk by Mineo, Hedgehog by Imai, Crane by Yamamoto, Cardinal by Yong, Dodo by Tominaga, Airliner by Kakami, Commerson's Dolphin by Imai, Sailfish by Kashiwamura, Clown Anemonefish by Morisawa, Yacht by Kato, Santa Crane by Arisawa, Facial Tissue Box by Yada, and Jack O'Lantern by Miyamoto. Large color pictures of all finished models, clear diagrams.

270 pp. PB. (I-C) #B19-012