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In Japanese. A collection of 23 origami masterpieces designed by several artists. Models include the Antelope by Katsuta, Black Kite by Kamiya, Giraffe by Haag, Flamingo by Minami, Southern Tamandua by Imai, Alligator Gar by Fukuroi, Angelfish by Kashiwamura, Beluga by Hirahara, Stonefish by Tominaga, Tyrannosaurus by Imai, Hippocampus by Hagiwara, Unicorn by Muroya, Pelican by Kakami, Cockatiel by Jae IL, Siberian Husky by Morisawa, Flying Squirrel by Katsuta, Rabbit by Mineo, Japanese White-eye by Tsuruta, Shiba Inu by Kato, SU-27 Flanker by Minamijima, Frost Dragon by Chan, Grim Reaper by Miyamoto, and White Rabbit by Imai. Large color pictures of all finished models, clear diagrams.

288 pp. PB. (I-C) #B21-014