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Photos: Folding the flapping crane behind your back


  • Convention '89--A winner, hands down
    • How I Spent My Spring Vacation by Paul Kruger
    • A Gathering of Ideas by Dorothy Kaplan
    • OriCon '89 by Jerry Harris
  • Obituary: Eric Drew
  • Bent Out of Shape by Joanne Ortman, reprinted from Manifold
  • Edgewise by Kathleen O'Regan
  • As I Recall by Alice Gray (early recollections of Lillian Oppenheimer and the Origami Center)
  • Diagramming: Part III by Robert Lang
  • Book Reviews
    • Unit Origami Chains (Constructions) by Tomoko Fuse, reviewed by Don Sigal
    • Origami Dimensions (Modulars) by Tomoko Fuse, reviewed by Don Sigal
    • Origami Land (Toys) by Tomoko Fuse, reviewed by Don Sigal
    • Origami Sculptures, and Prehistoric Origami, both by John Montroll, reviewed by Jan Polish
    • Folding the Universe: From Angelfish to Zen by Peter Engel, reviewed by Jan Polish
  • Mountains and Valleys by Jean-Paul Latil
  • Crossword Puzzle by Eric M. Anderson


  • News from the Home Office
    • Annual Meeting; Election of Officers; Committees; A Letter from our President by Michael Shall; Home Sweet Home Office; Monthly Folding Meetings; Lending Library; Publications; Special Sessions; Origami by Children touring schedule; Annual Financial Report for Period Ending 12/31/88.
  • News from Members
    • News from or about Barbara J. Maletz; Libby Purves; Rebbekka Riverstone; Donna Walcavage; Scott Cohen; Michael Solomonov; Harry Eagle; and Nick Robinson
  • News from Regional Groups
    • List of Regional Groups and Meetings
    • Photo of members of CHAOS, CHicago Area Origami Society
    • Reports from San Diego, CA; Florida; Colorado; YorkPAperfolders; Illinois; Ontario; Tennessee; Long Island; and NJ Mini-Convention
  • International News
    • British Origami Society Spring Convention by Judy Hall
    • Reports from Spain; Soviet Union; Belgium; Japan; and Poland
  • News from the Supply Center


  • Flapping Butterflies: Simple, Intermediate and Dollar Bill variation by deg farrelly
  • Flapping Seal by Ed Sullivan, diagrams by Mark Kennedy
  • Crane Stick Pin by David Shall

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