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Photos of Michael Shall.


  • Michael Shall - Vision and Dedication by Alice Gray; reprinted from The Origamian, V16 Issue 1
  • Impractical Origami Jokes for the Almost Deranged
  • Folder's Profile: Gerry Bell (Canada)
  • Origami Math, Part 2 by Tom Hull
  • More Punny Origami by Greg Thomsen
  • In Memoriam: Joyce Rockmore, Origami Mother of New England by Michael G. LaFosse
  • COET '95 is Coming!
  • Origami Convention 1995


  • From the Home-Office
    • Committee listing
    • A Message from the President by Jean Baden-Gillette
    • A Special Request - Letter from a reader
    • Many Thanks to Our Members - Holiday Tree
  • News From Members
    • News or updates from Jack Geist (NY); Mitchell, Sara and Linda Yoffe (CT); Eileen Holtzman (NY); Hisa Amimoto (IL) and Kazuko Kubota (IL); Jonathan Baxter (NC)
  • News From the Affiliates
    • News from Long Island Folding Enthusiasts (NY); Charlotte Origami (NC); New Jersey Paper Shapers (NJ); Florida Origami Learners & Devotees (FL); Friends of Folding (Canada); The Origami Club of Pittsburgh (PA); Capital Folders (Washington, D.C.); Fellowship of Origami Lovers - Denver (CO); Overzealous Folders Throughout the Entire Northwest (OR).
    • Affiliate Group Listing
    • Regional Group Listing
  • International Group News
    • Tales from the Origami Science Meeting in Japan; The Japanese Science and Art Convention
    • International Group Listings
  • Origami Calendar of Events
  • Book Reviews
    • Zoom! The Complete Paper Airplane Book by Margaret A. Hartelius, reviewed by Bob Voelker
  • Updates from The Origami Source


  • Heart Frame by Jose Krooshoop
  • Snail by Jerry Harris
  • Shark by Ron Weinstock

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