contents of One Dozen Folds
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I decided to republish this, my first ever booklet, as a first venture into the world of e-publishing. It dates from the mid-80s, when I became friends with these creators. I would meet many at BOS "mini-meetings". Others, like Francis Ow, I would correspond with on a regular basis and exchange ideas and models. The models are of their time, but I feel still have folding value today.

Many are unpublished elsewhere. The diagrams are from a time when I was still learning my craft as a diagrammer and before the era of computers drawing packages! A few printed copies of this book are still out there if you look hard. At 50 cents per design, I think it's decent value and by buying it, you are showing appreciation for the work I do in publishing "real" books.

DECORATION by Ted Norminton
SPORTS CAR by Iris Walker
MEDIEVAL LADY by Thea Anning
HEXAHEDRON by Nick Robinson
CANDLE by Jonathan Shapcott
DOUBLE CUBE by Dave Brill
FISH MODULE by Francis Ow
BABY BIRD by Nick Robinson
ORI-TWIST by Jeff Beynon
ENVELOPE by Paul Jackson
SHIP AHOY by Ted Darwin
KERMIT by Mick Guy

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