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Whether it is making earrings, necklaces or small objects to attach to your purse, these models are sure to be a hit. Diagrams are in color and have Japanese directions. A section of the book includes techniques for jewelry making. Photographs are included to show the finished models. Models include Mobile, Diamond, Pinwheel, Ribbon, Crystal, High Heels, Twinkling, Small Flower, Cherry Blossom, Leaf, Ping Pong Mum, Peony, Pansy, Denfare, Hydrangea, Lily, Rose, Cosmos, Clover, African Violet, Camellia, Butterfly, Cat, Rabbit, Goldfish, Crane, Owl, Double Crane, Turtle, Snail, Jewelry Box, and Mini Basket

128 pp PB (I-HI) #B20-021