Origami Crowns

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edited by Wendy Zeichner and Patsy & David Wang-Iverson
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In The Fold, Issue 64, OUSA published an e-book of Origami Crowns, honoring Laura Kruskal, the "Queen of Origami Crowns". This book contains wonderful pictures of Laura with friends and fans, many wearing her crown models. There is a section dedicated to the remembrance of Laura and the impact she had on the origami community. The book contains 24 crowns diagrammed for everyone to fold. Since the release, many people have requested a physical copy of the book. OUSA is pleased to offer this one-time chance at getting a physical copy. The full color book is 8.5x11" spiral bound with clear plastic covers on the front and back.
This is a PRE-ORDER of the book, and the offer will be available until 30June2021. Only the number of books ordered will be printed. There are some conditions:

1. Since no additional books will be printed, get yours now and one for a friend!
2. With the Kruskal crowns book on back order and not mailed until after July 8, we will not be able to include the free Tuttle and Aitoh paper that we are including in all orders made during Convention. We are sorry this has to be an exception.
3. If you order other items, please note there will be a separate shipping charge, as the book will be shipped at a later date.

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