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This is a kit (book and paper) to create your very own origami dragons. The book has color instructions and clear diagrams. Also included are 48 sheets of 8 inch paper that have scales on one side and a solid color on the reverse. There are 10 dragons to fold. Models include Dragon Footprint, Amphiptere - The Winged Serpent, The Lindwyrm, Dragon Hatchling, Zhulong - The Torch Dragon, The Wyvern, Faerie Dragon, The European Dragon, The Chinese Dragon, and The Rearing Dragon. Instructions have an introduction written in a medieval style to give the sense of a time when dragon roamed. There is also a step-by-step video tutorial that can be accessed on-line.

48pp PB (S-HI) #B20-037
8 inch paper, 48 sheets