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Meyer and Mukoda
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This book uses traditional models as an introduction to origami explaining how spatial relations, geometry, algebra, and pattern finding are used to create the model. Each model has a background section, followed by instructions on how to fold the model, and then an explanation section covering the mathematics of the model. Detailed instructions include black and white diagrams with color photos showing the folding process. After each model there is an Exercises and Explorations section, perfect for teaching in a classroom setting.
Models include Magazine Cover Box and Business Card Frog, Fluttering Butterfly and Star Basket, Waterbomb, Tulip with Stem, Stellated Octahedron, Drinking Cup, Waterbomb Base Ornament and King David Crown, Traditional Flapping Bird and Crane, Traditional Frog and Lily Pad
235 pp PB (S-HI) #B21-001