Origami Master Class Flowers

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The gorgeous embossed picture of Robert J. Lang’s Miura-Ken Beauty Rose on the front cover is a fitting prelude to this well-chosen collection of origami flowers. The book starts with a chapter on paper – the history of paper, paper making, paper types, and paper preparation. Color diagrams with text descriptions clearly show the folding process for 10 flowers with associated calyx, leaves, and stems. Instructions for assembly are accompanied by a photo and description of the real flower, and a photo of an arrangement of the origami counterpart. Models include Sweet Pea by John Blackman, Bougainvillea by DelRosa Marshall, Narcissus by Joost Langeveld, Lily with Six Petals by David Shall, Hibiscus by Derek McGann, Kawasaki Rose by Toshikazu Kawasaki, Orchid by Alexander Oliveros Avila, Zinnia by Aldo Marcell, Bleeding Heart by Daniel Robinson, and Miura-Ken Beauty Rose by Robert J. Lang. 192 pp. HC. (S-C)

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