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Need some modular inspiration? Ilan Garibi delivers with 41 modulars of various types and diagrams by Dasa Severova. There are five chapters: Introduction, How to Use This Book, Flat Radials, Non-flat Radials, Six Unit Polyhedra, and Other Polyhedra. The Introduction and How to Use This Book chapters pack in lots of information on paper, building, assembling, understanding diagrams and crease patterns, color schemes, tools etc. Models have easy to follow, hand drawn, diagrams with step by step directions and tips. Models include: Squared Square, Ring of Boats, Coaster, Christmas Magic Star, Wave Unit, Wave Unit Ring, Wave Unit Harlequin, Eight-Point Star, Duo Star, DuoDuo Star, DuoDuoDuo Star, Twelve-Point Star, Star within a Star, Double-Sided Flower, Double Star of David, Multipoint Star, Magic Flower, Twirl Star, Effervescent, Dashia, E Pluribus Unum, Qubes, DaPlasKube, Nobody Knows, Imperfect Six-Point Star, Hexa-YZ, Pointless Cube, Tetra Quake, Tetrahedube, Spiraled Diamond, Inside-Out Polyhedra, 3D Star of David, Butterfly Unit, Tamar Unit, Point -to-Be Hedron, Flexi Unit, Pink Modular, Double Fish Tail, Enigmatic Connection, Octa-XYZ, Boat Ball. Book is in English.

138 pp PB (S-HI) #B22-011