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Sea Models, Peaceful Creatures, Polyhedra, and Prehistoric Mammals can be found in the second book in the Symphony series. There are 38 models: Sailboat, Scallop, Flyingfish, Goldfish, Lookdown, Ocean Liner, Dolphin, Orca, Saw Shark, Blue Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Cat, Butterfly, Swan, Penguin, Dove, Rabbit, Sheep, Unicorn Turtle, Peacock, Panda, Koala Bear, Dimpled Truncated Tetrahedron, Cubehemioctahedron, Octahemioctahedron, Dimpled Truncated Octahedron, Dimpled Rhombicuboctahedron, Truncated Tetrahedron, Cuboctahedron, Truncated Octahedron, Megatherium, Glyptodon, Elasmotherium, Baluchitherium, Alticamelus, Smilodon, and Wolly Mammoth. Each model has a color picture of the finished model and diagrams are in color and white to show front and back sides of the paper. Diagrams have traditional folding symbols and English directions.
128 pp, PB, (LI-C) #B23-005