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Convention collection with a wide variety of clearly diagrammed models. The book contains 47 models by various origami designers. Models include Ceremonial Crane, Kabuto, Craft Glue, Azteca, Spouting Whale, Golden Eye Snapper, Cardinal Tetra, Polypterus, Northern Rock Hopper Penguin, Horned Owl, Tree, Modular Chicken, Rabbit by Nakamura, Rabbit by Kawahata, Sheep, Horse, Tiger by Hagiwara, Lion, Rolled Up Armadillo, Iguana, Protoceratops, Dimetrodon Skeleton, Anomalocaris, Litle Devil, Devil Fork, Magician, Frog, Monarch Butterfly, Titan Beetle, Seahorse, Manta, Whale, Jutland Horse, Giraffe, Tiger by Kirschenbaum, Pegasus, and Cedarosaurus 272 pp. PB. (I-SC) #B23-002