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Convention collection with a wide variety of clearly diagrammed models. The book contains 40 models by various origami designers. Models include Shrimp, Marlin, Oscar, Orca, Hammerhead Shark, Antennarius maculatus, Horse Mackerel, Flowerhorn, Clownfish, Crab, Penguin, Lion, Giraffe, White Rabbit, Sitting Cat, Weasel, Frilled neck Lizard, Gorilla, Inokami, Pegasus, Tiger of a-un, Dragon of Pandora, Triceratops, Spider, Blow fly, Stork, Java Sparrow, Little Bird, Owl, Buzzard, Owl, Fairy night 451, Modular SF Figures, Zabukoto Santa, Grim Reaper, Dahlia, PythaCubes, Dice, Great Cubicuboctahedron, and Thunder Wheel. 272 pp. PB. (I-SC) #B23-038