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The Origamian, Volume 10 [pdf]

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Issue 1: Spring 1970


  • Profile: Mark Medvene, by Alice Gray
  • A Little Dutch Origami Effusion, by Amarins Hopman
  • Herman Shall, obituary, uncredited
  • Casting-off Dolls, by Francis McNaul, Jr.
  • Dr. Vicente Solorzano Sagredo, obituary, uncredited


  • Pigeon, by Mark Medvene
  • Butterfly, by Mark Medvene

Issues 2-4: Summer, Autumn, Winter 1970


  • Profile: Milton Halpert, by Sylvia Halpert
  • About This Very Special Issue, by Alice Gray
  • Folder's Fodder: On "Two Minds with but a Single Thought", by Fred Rohm
  • An Origami Puppet Theatre, by Robert Neale
  • From Letters to Lillian, various authors
  • How to Spread the Origami Gospel, by Jessie Seto
  • Visiting Folders in Japan, by Robert Brokop
  • The Joy of Origami, by Loretta Holz
  • Origami In The Oven, uncredited
  • A Note on the "Whale Book", by Francis K. McNaul
  • From Letters to Lillian, various authors


  • An Origami Puppet Theatre, collection of Diagrams by Robert Neale
  • Purse, by Molly Kahn

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