The Origamian, Volume 14 [pdf]

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Issues 1-2: 1979


  • Profile: Daniel Porter, by Micheal Shall
  • Something Stirring in the Origami World, by Alice Gray
  • Origami Convention 1978, by Alice R. Blumberg
  • Paperfolding in Laos, by Yuan Wei-kuan
  • Exhibition models wanted, uncredited
  • From Letters to Lillian, various authors
  • American folders greet Mick Guy, by David Shall
  • Oh! Pat! We miss you!, uncredited
  • (untitled article on chinese folding), by Alice Gray


  • Violin, by Daniel Porter
  • Space Shuttle, by Daniel Porter

Issues 3-4: 1979


  • Profile: Peter Engel, by himself.
  • A time of change, by Alice Gray
  • The Curator and the T.V. Ad, uncredited
  • But Why Fold Money?, by Alice Gray
  • On Discovering Origami, by Peter Engel
  • Origami Surmounts the Language Barrier, by Helen F. Treeger
  • From Letters to Lillian, various authors
  • An essay in the verbal communication of origami, by Alice Gray


  • Crab Moneyfold, by Peter Engel
  • Dollar Bill Bowtie, by Peter Engel
  • Sitting Rabbit Moneyfold, by Fred Rohm
  • How to Alter the Size of a Rectangle, by Alice Gray

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