The Origamian, Volume 15 [pdf]

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Issue 1: 1983


  • Profile: Verdi Adams, by Alice Gray
  • The Search Is Over, by Alice Gray
  • Origami for me, by Philip G. Houghton
  • Origami class taught to Mensa in Chicago, by Jandy Warner
  • Origami and Education, by Ranana Benjamin
  • The Step-Fold Method of Teaching with Origami, by Ranana Benjamin
  • Teaching Origami at M.I.T and Wellesley, by Michael Heaney
  • Reflections on Origami for teachers, by Robert J. Hutcheson
  • Mensans get wise to Origami, by Joan Appel


  • Stretching the Bird Base, uncredited
  • Two Cats, by Verdi Adams
  • Swan Beauty, by Ranana Benjamin
  • Dahlia, author unknown, folding method by Verdi Adams, Diagrams by Josie Lipman

Issues 2-4: 1983


  • Profile: Joan Appel, by Alice Gray
  • An Interview With Akira Yoshizawa, by Peter Engel
  • The Master in the Classroom, by Peter Engel
  • A Gallery of Old (and Young) Origami Masters, uncredited
  • HIKARI-ORI: Reflecting Folding, by James M. Sakoda
  • On rules in Origami, by Alice Gray
  • From Letters To Lillian, various authors


  • Two Christmas-tree Moneyfolds, by Joan Appel
  • Tree ornament, by Alice Gray
  • Snowflake, by Joan Appel
  • Two Tree Ornaments, by Joan Appel

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