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The Origamian, Volume 2 [pdf]

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Issue 1: Summer 1961


  • Profile of Giuseppe Baggi, by Meyer Berger
  • Paper-Folders Travelog, uncredited
  • Unearth Ancient Book About Paper Folding, uncredited
  • "Paper Folding Fun" by Robert Harbin, reviewed by Samuel Randlett
  • "The Art of Origami -- Paper folding, traditional and modern" by Samuel Randlett, reviewed by Peter Miller


  • Bird Carrying Letter, uncredited, with variation by Mr. Baggi
  • Love Letter, Classic
  • (untitled letter fold), uncredited

Issue 2: Winter 1961


  • Ligia Montoya: Our Origami Angel, uncredited
  • Florence Temko In Demand, uncredited


  • Four Hats, by Ligia Montoya, courtesy of Spencer Muns, Drawn by Dorothy Anderson
  • Tamper-Proof Letter, uncredited, drawn by Dorothy Anderson
  • Father Christmas, by G. Baggi
  • Eagle, by I. Adolfo Cerceda

Issue 3: Spring-Summer 1962


  • Profile... 'ADOLFO', uncredited
  • Thoughts on Origami (for Lillian Oppenheimer), poem by Francis K. McNaul, Jr.


  • (untitled letterfold), by Mary Miller
  • Letterfold, by Giuseppe Baggi
  • Moor on Horseback, by Ishmael Adolfo Cerceda, 1957
  • Handy Memo Paper Holder, uncredited

Issue 4: Autumn 1962


  • Profile: Jack Skillman, by Lillian Oppenheimer
  • "Folding Paper Puppets" by Shari Lewis and Lillian Oppenheimer, reviewed by Peter Van Note
  • Folder's Fodder, by Frederic G. Rohm
  • Notes from the Origami Center, various authors
  • Mary Miller, uncredited obituary


  • Ani-Mule, by Jack Skillman, drawings by Adolfo Cerceda
  • Flapping Goose, by Jack Skillman, drawings by Adolfo Cerceda

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