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The Origamian, Volume 4 [pdf]

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Issue 1: Spring 1964


  • The Big Show, uncredited
  • Profile... The Uchiyama Family, by Peter Van Note
  • Fred Rohm... On Friendship


  • Turtle, by Koshio Uchiyama and Michio Uchiyama
  • Sea Bream by Koshio Uchiyama

Issue 2: Summer 1964


  • Profile: Robert Harbin, by Lillian Oppenheimer
  • More About Cutting, by Fred Rohm
  • Paper Folding Convention Planned, uncredited
  • Constructive Fun for the Handicapped, uncredited
  • A Paperfolder's Trip to Japan, by Florence Temko
  • Book Reviews, by Alice Gray
  • Japanese Paperfolders Establish Contact with the Origami Center, uncredited


  • Penguin, by Robert Harbin, diagrammed by Adolfo Cerceda
  • Man on an Ostrich, by Robert Harbin, diagrammed by Adolfo Cerceda

Issue 3: Autumn 1964


  • Profile... Harry Weiss, by Alice Gray
  • Folder's Fodder... On Animated Folding, by Fred Rohm
  • Origami Bookshelf, by Alice Gray and Peter Van Note
  • Pinwheel Hat is Big With Kids, by Alice Gray
  • Letters, various authors


  • Roadrunner by Harry Weiss
  • Bear by Harry Weiss

Issue 4: Winter 1964


  • Profile: James M. Sakoda, by Alice Gray
  • Folder's Fodder: on the Festive Season, by Fred Rohm
  • An Origami Tree for Christmas, by Alice Gray
  • Second Origami Convention, by Alice Gray
  • Origami on 5th Avenue, uncredited
  • Legend of the Paper Cranes, uncredited
  • Another Japanese Club discovered, uncredited


  • 8-Pointed Star, by J. Sakoda
  • Owl, by J. Sakoda

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