The Origamian, Volume 5 [pdf]

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Issue 1: Spring 1965


  • Profile: Florence Temko, uncredited
  • Folders Fodder: On the Secret of Copying, by Fred Rohm
  • Jackstone by Jack Skillman, uncredited


  • Jackstone, by Jack Skillman, directions by Mark J. Medvine and Natalie Epstein
  • Bat, by Florence Temko
  • Flower, by Florence Temko

Issue 2: Summer 1965


  • Profile: Philip Shen, by Alice Gray
  • Origami Bookshelf, by Peter Van Note
  • Paperfolding as a Folk and a Creative Art, by Philip Shen
  • New Basic Form and Derivative Models by Philip Shen, by Alice Gray
  • Folder's Fodder: on "Bases", by Fred Rohm


  • Flower no. 1, by Philip Shen
  • Propeller, by Philip Shen
  • Flower no. 2, by Philip Shen
  • Table, by Philip Shen

Issue 3: Autumn 1965


  • Profile: Dr. Vincente Solorzano Sagredo
  • Origami Bookshelf, by Francis K. McNaul
  • Literal Translation of Instructions for the Indian Dancer of Dr. Vincente Solorzano Sagredo, by Francis K. McNaul and Alice Gray
  • How to read Foreign-Language Origami Books, by Peter Van Note
  • Red Cross Youth Bring Origami To Retarded Children, uncredited
  • The New Trend, by Peter Van Note


  • Bailarin IndĂș (Indian Dancer), by Dr. Vincente Solorzano Sagredo

Issue 4: Winter 1965


  • Profile: Betsy Kitch, uncredited
  • Origami Bookshelf... Making Faces: For Fun, uncredited
  • Forms Argentine Origami Center, uncredited
  • Folder's Fodder: No Bases? For Shame!, by Fred Rohm
  • Origami in the Big Blackout, uncredited


  • Hexahedron, by Betsy Kitch
  • Whirlygig, by Betsy Kitch
  • Sunburst, by Betsy Kitch
  • Cornucopia, by Betsy Kitch
  • Christmas Tree, by Betsy Kitch
  • Diamond, by Betsy Kitch
  • Tree Ornament, by Clyde Kruskal

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