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The Origamian, Volume 6 [pdf]

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Issue 1: Spring 1966


  • Profile-Endla Saar, by Alice Gray
  • Folder's Fodder: On Folding Paper and Preparation, by Fred Rohm


  • Narcissus, by Eric Drew
  • Flower, by Ligia Montoya with additions by Alice Gray
  • Bowl, by Florence Temko

Issue 2: Summer 1966


  • Profile: T. Kent du Pre, by Alice Gray
  • Folder's Fodder: On Squaring the Circle, by Fred Rohm
  • Diaper-Fold Polygons and Polygrams, by T. Kent du Pre


  • Polygons & Polygrams, by T. Kent du Pré

Issue 3: Autumn 1966


  • Profile: John M. Nordquist, by Alice Gray
  • The First British Origami Convention, by Iris Walker
  • Book Review, by Alice Gray
  • Inside-Out Puzzle, uncredited
  • "Origametry" Puzzle, by Steven Barr
  • Origami Folklore... Sunshine Doll, by Peter Van Note
  • News of Philip Shen, uncredited
  • The Game of Crane Folding, by Toshie Takahama
  • A Scientist's Paperfold, uncredited
  • The Origami Portfolio Society, uncredited
  • "Origametry" Defined, by Steven Barr


  • Six Aspects of the Basic Form, by John Nordquist
  • Bird, by John Nordquist
  • Turtle, by John Nordquist
  • Folding Playpen, by John Nordquist

Issue 4: Winter 1966


  • Profile: The Seto Family, uncredited
  • Folder's Fodder: On Mobiles, by Fred Rohm
  • Fourth Annual American Origami Convention Held, by Alice Gray
  • Origami Breaks the Language Barrier, by Harry Weiss
  • Origami Bookshelf, by Alice Gray
  • Little Paper is Big Job, uncredited


  • Sunfolower, by Jessie Seto
  • Greeting Card and Fish by Naomi Seto
  • Fancy Bow by Katharine Seto
  • Pull-Me-Open by Richard Seto

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