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The Origamian, Volume 7 [pdf]

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Issue 1: Spring 1967


  • Profile: Alice Gray, by Thomas Kent DuPre
  • On Early Japanese Origami Books, by Toshie Takahama
  • Making Origami Mobiles, by Alice Gray
  • Notes on the "Kanno Mado", by Alice Gray
  • Dr. Sakoda Wins Airplane Contest, uncredited


  • Kleenex Box Cover, by Alice Gray
  • Mayfly, by Alice Gray
  • Sakoda's Airplane, by James M. Sakoda

Issue 2: Summer 1967


  • Profile: Francis K. McNaul, Jr., by Alice Gray
  • Ligia Montoya Dead, by Alice Gray
  • Hina Matsuri, the Doll Festival, by Toshie Takahama
  • Arrangement of the Hina Display, by Alice Gray
  • Multi-Layered Festival Dolls, uncredited


  • A Set of Hina Dolls, by Francis K. McNaul, Jr.

Issue 3: Autumn 1967


  • Profile: Natalie Epstein, by Alice Gray
  • Sosaku (Creative) Origami Group '67, uncredited
  • About the Models in This Issue, by Alice Gray


  • Basic Form, by Neal Elias
  • Rabbit, by Neal Elias
  • Fox, by I. Adolfo Cerceda
  • Bear, by Emanuel Mooser

Issue 4: Winter 1967


  • Profile: Molly Kahn, by Alice Gray
  • The Nottingham High School Origami Society, by Alice Gray
  • Letters to Lillian, various authors
  • Tree at the Origami Center, uncredited
  • Origami in Japan Today, by Alice Gray


  • Nine Models by Molly Kahn

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