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The Origamian, Volume 8 [pdf]

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Issues 1-2: Spring-Summer 1968


  • Ligia Montoya: Woman and Artist, by Gershon Legman
  • Original Origami Wanted for Tokyo Exhibition, uncredited
  • Origami Scrapbook... Signs of Spring, by Peter Van Note
  • Origami Center Made Trustee Of Ligia Montoya's Origami, uncredited
  • A Spring Flower Origami Lesson, by Alice Gray
  • "Centro Argentino De Origami", by Francisco del Rio
  • A center for Ligia Montoya's Tulip, by Alice Gray


  • Insect, by Ligia Montoya
  • Tulip Leaf, uncredited
  • Flowerpot, by Alice Gray
  • Vase, by Ligia Montoya
  • Tulip, by Ligia Montoya
  • Puma, by Ligia Montoya
  • Farolito Japones Abutilon, by Ligia Montoya

Issue 3: Autumn 1968


  • Profile: Bob Neale, by Alice Gray
  • Origami Center Collection Finds Permanent Home, by Florence Temko
  • Crow Puppet Impromptu Routine, by Robert E. Neale
  • The Classification of the Collection at The Origami Center, by Alice Gray


  • Charley Crow, by Robert Neale
  • Octohedron Tree Ornament, by Robert Neale

Issue 4: Winter 1968


  • Profile: Raymond K. McClain, by Betty McClain
  • An Open Letter from Dr. Solorzano, by Alice Gray
  • Welcome: "The Flapping Bird", uncredited


  • McClain's Democratic Donkey, by Raymond K. McClain
  • Shine-Through Star, by Raymond K. McClain

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