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13 original 3-dimensional models, each from a single, uncut square. Models include Dove, Lion, Horse, Colorado Beetle, Ladybird, Bison, Warthog, Wild Boar Piglet, Wild Boar, Fly-Agaric (mushroom), Brown Bear, Polar Bear, and Bear on Rock (from a single sheet). The author recommends paper that is good for shaping or wet-folding, such as tissue foil, thicker papers, dampened cardstock, and Elephant Hide. A short paragraph at the beginning of each design describes the inspiration, folding hints, and paper recommendations. There is also a crease pattern and drawing of the model dimensions as related to paper size. Designs are expressive, make efficient use of the paper, and are 3-D, so they stand up and make for excellent displays. Quality hardcover book includes color photos and diagrams with text descriptions on each step. In English and Hungarian. 92 pp. HC. (I-HI)