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2009 Honolulu Festival in Hawaii with Won Park (HI), Hideaki Yoshizawa, aimee Miura (HI), and nicole Manfredi (HI). Photos: Deb Pun Discoe (HI)


  • 2009 Honolulu festival by Deb Pun Discoe (HI)
  • Proile - Emily Rosenthal by Alice Gray (excerpt)
  • Origami and Sharing by Nick Robinson (United Kingdom)


  • From the Home-Office
    • Letter from the President
    • About Our New Designer - Barbaralynn Altorfer (NY)
    • From the Editor: Letter to the Editor, New Administrator; Air + Fold
    • Origami By Children by Clara Onishi (NY)
    • Special Sessions
    • Book Reviews
      • Animales de Papel Papiroflexia by Vicente Palacios, reviewed by Ros Joyce
      • License to Fold by Nicolas Terry, reviewed by Daniel Sher
      • Origami Art by Michael LaFosse, reviewed by Marcio Noguchi
      • A Guide to Fold Dinosaurs by Hiroaki Takai, reviewed by Ros Joyce
    • If You Missed the Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Museum
    • News From The Source
    • Membership Form
    • Global Events Calendar
  • From our Members
    • Folding Sunday
    • Always on Sunday by Elizabeth C. and Freddie Burgos (NY)
    • The Magic and Joy of Origami by Tamara and Madeline Read (NY)
    • Sightings by Janet Hamilton (NJ)
    • Tips & Techniques by Gay Merrill Gross (NY)


  • 3D Goose and 3D Duck by Nicolas Terry (France)
  • Modular Cube with Opposing Triangle Faces diagrammed by David Shall (PA)
  • Sailboat 2 by Nick Robinson (United Kingdom)
  • Two Dollar Bill Pyramid by Marc Kirschenbaum (NY)
  • Dollar Bill Windmill by Sy Chen (MD)

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