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  • Unfolding the Universe, by Patsy Wang-Iverson
  • Abstract of the Erik Demaine Lecture at JICC
  • Flashers, Space and... beyond, by Graham Collins
  • BOS 50th Anniversary
  • A Walk in the Woods, by Tomoko Fuse
  • First Computer-Generated Origami in... 1971!, by Laura Rozenberg
  • Folding Your Way to Prison, by Yuki Martin
  • All Talk, No Folding, by Ilan Garibi
  • Convention for Creators, Gray Matter Matters, by Ilan Garibi
  • “Superhuman Origami”, by Joel Stern
  • Paper Heroes, by Ilan Garibi
  • Origami BFF, by Anita Raj
  • Origami Poems: The Origamist, by Douglas Zander
  • If I were a master of origami, by Beth Achenbach
  • The Cole Connection, by Maxwell Jones

From Home Office

  • Remembering Gershon Legman, by Laura Rozenberg
  • Letter from the President, Letter from the Chair
  • Obituary: Sunil Dhavalikar
  • News from The Source
  • Calendar


  • Double Star Flexicube, by Alessandro Beber
  • L'Hirondelle, by Eric Vigier
  • Umbrella, by Anita Raj

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