The Paper Issue 82 (2003 Volume 4) [pdf]

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Almost 600 members from around the world attended OrigamiUSA Convention 2003. Everyone went home a winner, but some actually had prizes to boast as well. Annette Purnell (NY) exclaimed, "Look what I won at the raffle in the Gold Mine!" Photo by Susan Dugan (SC)


  • 2003 Convention Highlights and Photo Galleries by V'Ann Cornelius
  • 2002/2003 Annual Meeting Report compiled by Steve Lavoie
  • The Fellowship of the Ring by Jan Polish


  • From the Home-Office
    • A New Paper Route by Wendy Zeichner
    • Accolades for OrigamiUSA Volunteer/A Job Well Done
  • From Our Members
    • Behind the Scenes: Pre-Convention PCP Great Success by June Sakamoto
    • News From Local-Area Groups compiled by Lori Gregory
    • International News and Activities
    • OrigamiUSA Commitee Listing
  • Local-Area OrigamiUSA Groups
  • International Groups
  • The Bulletin Board
    • CD Review
      • Boxes Collection I by Chris Palmer; reviewed by Daniel Sher
      • Flowers Collection I by Chris Palmer; reviewed by Daniel Sher
      • Polypouches Collection I by Chris Palmer; reviewed by Daniel Sher
    • The Origami Source
    • 2003/2004 Global Events Calendar


  • 8-piece Mette-Bascetta by Michael LaFosse
  • 12-piece Mette-Bascetta by Michael LaFosse
  • Wingate Wheel by Christine Clement
  • Santiago-Gyuryu (Santiago Ring) by Mette Pederson, Paolo Bascetta, Pasquale D'Auria, and Peter Budai

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