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Nippon Origami Association's gift of an origami wedding gown, made of the finest Japanese paper, folded by Ms. Yoshiko Sakamoto (Japan) and modeled by Takako Oniki (Japan) (left), and Susumu Nakajima (Japan) (right), father of the artist. Photo credit: Susan Dugan


  • From the OrigamiUSA Convention
    • Duck-less in New York: Adventures of a First-Timer from Britain by Dave Venables (UK)
    • Nicolas Terry on a Mission by Daniel Scher (NY)
    • Max Hulme's Madonna and Guinea Pig by Carole Ver Eecke (NY)
    • Ready! Set! Fold! Diary of a 2008 Convention Attendee by Andrew Hans (NY)
    • 2008 Awards by Rachel Katz (NY)
    • Sharing Origami as Our Goal by Judy Hall (FL)
  • In Memoriam: Saburo Kase
    • Obituary: Saburo Kase (1926-2008) by Makoto Yamaguchi from Origami Tanteidan Magazine, #109, May 2008, translated by Marcio Noguchi (NY)


  • From the Editor
    • OrigamiUSA Convention 2008; NOA President at Convention Dinner: Readers' Comments
    • Origami Hits the Stage by Delrosa Marshall (NY)
  • From the Home-Office
    • Minutes of the Annual Meeting by Rachel Langley (NY)
    • Financial Report
    • Origami By Children 2008 Winners
  • From Our Members
    • Origami Is In Creasing Over the Internet by Michael Sanders (CA)
    • Origami Versus the Long Commute by Steve Terr (NY)
    • Book Reviews by Daniel Scher (NY) and Ros Joyce (NY)
    • News from The Source
    • 2008 Global Events Calendar


  • 50th Anniversary Sailboat Crown by Laura Kruskal (NJ)
  • Sailor's Hat (USA) by Max Hulme (UK)
  • Phoenix ver 2 by Max Hulme (UK)

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