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The 2023 PCOC Model Collection collects 61 diagrams, crease patterns, and articles from 49 authors from around the world, all focusing on the theme PLAYFUL & PRACTICAL. In 198 pages, you will discover models that range in difficulty and diagramming styles. You’ll also find some old jewels mixed in with the new. Our models move, swim, fly, make noise, beat, are playable, wearable and can be used to organize and store objects, even to frame photos, and so much more! Our articles talk about practical models, the design process, and the playful aspect of teaching origami. In the very last section, “Biographies”, you can learn more about our creators.

Diagrams were drawn by hand and with the help of a wide variety of drawing software. The majority used Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, and Affinity Designer, but interestingly, we also got diagrams made in Oripa and Microsoft Paint among others.

Content overview:
In the first chapter we briefly map the history of PCOC, sharing the rich lives of its founding members V’Ann Cornelius, Vicky Mihara, and Jan Polish; followed by the chronological list of all PCOC locations.

The next chapter brings you biographies and models by our special guests Robert J. Lang and Tomoko Fuse.

The following chapters present diagrams related to the main themes, California and San Francisco.

In the very last section Biographies, you can learn more about creators and diagrammers.

Pages are printed in black and white. Only the cover of the book is in color. (The PDF version of the book is in full color.)