Sailboat - A ReMake of OUSA logo
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Model Name : Sailboat
Model Type : Non-Modular
Level : Mid Intermediate.
Paper Size : 18 x 18 cm or larger.
Paper Type : Standard Kami, Most of the papers will work.

Description :

This sailboat is inspired by traditional sailboat (OUSA Logo).
I wanted to design (in fact re-design) a sailboat with exactly the same
beautiful look as OUSA sailboat but at the same time wanted to have a
perfect elegant build and lock. Also I wanted comfortable base so that it can stand.
In general I wanted to have this model for a serious origami folder within intermediate level domain.
This is my first model, though very simple, but for which I fixed the output and criteria first and then designed it.
I struggled for four main components
1] color contrast (sail & boat) 2] Uneven Sails 3] Lock of boat 4] Oval base of the boat.
Many times I could achieve only up to three components, before I reached this present version.

Seller Information

Milind Oka