Image of a standing origami root beer float mug with paper straw and a standing origami beer mug; both models created and folded by Cynthia Blankenship.
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Creator: Cynthia Blankenship
Diagrammer: Cynthia Blankenship
For personal use, please download and credit me.
Contact me directly for teaching/educational purposes, publication, commercial usage, public display and other permissions.

Details: Diagram for Standing (3D) version and Flat Foldable (2D) version. Both versions are double sided and have two inner pockets. 21 steps, 2 instructional sheets.

Standing Origami Root Beer Float is what happens when a native Californian craves the ice cold foamy All American treat in summertime Spain and can't get her hands on the real thing.

Special acknowledgement to Mary Ellen Palmeri for providing indispensable feedback during the diagramming process. Shout out to Jo Nakashima for posting the Inkscape diagram video tutorials. Cheers to everyone who purchases a copy!

Search terms: origami, standing, flat foldable, double sided, two sided, 3D, 2D, pocket, ice cream, soda, coffee, root beer float, beer, mug, milkshake, drink, beverage, pencil topper, A4, square, 210 mm, 21 cm, foam, froth, handle, cylinder, recycled paper.

Standing Origami Root Beer Float © 2022

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