Star Wars Origami: Instructions for 10 Models

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Karol Kafarski
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May the folds be with you! Book includes 10 incredible models with pre-printed paper to provide color and detail. Each model can be made 6 times with the paper provided. This is a large book, 11.75" X 11.75", and designed so that the pages can easily be removed from the binding to assemble the models. Instructions are provided in color pictures to show landmarks on the paper when folding. Each model includes a summary of the model and it's relevance in Star Wars.
Models include BB-8, Command Shuttle, Rey’s Speeder, Tie/SF Fighter, X-Wing T-70, Luggabeast, Stormtrooper Transporter, Resistance Transporter, Millennium Falcon 103 pp PB (I-C)

Note: This book is on clearance as there was very minor damage to one or more corners of the book during shipping It does not affect the folding of the models; however, refunds cannot be provided.