Stop Thinking Start Folding

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Paperback book with 33 models from Oriol Esteve. Exceptionally clear diagrams with color to depict 2 sides. Diagrams are in English and French with chapters titled: Personality, Geometric Joy, and Social Folding. Models include Fox with Fangs, Nosy Cat, Super Pussy, Cat, Chihuahua, German Dog, Panda, Red panda, Koala, Arctic Fox, Raccoon, Owl, Grumpy Frog, Ghost, Unicorn, Wild Boar, Magpie, Squirrel, Lion, Flaming Dragon, Tiger, Fusion Dragon, Monkey, Baby Dragon, Maneki Neko, Inflatable Cat, Hungry T-Rex, Hungry Shark, Jumping Rabbit, Poop Bird, Flapping Pajarita, Ninja, and Cat Head Brooch.
176 pp. PB. (LI-HI)

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