Thin White Kraft Paper

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High-quality kraft paper that is extremely thin and strong. Paper is listed at an amazing 30gsm (standard kami is about 60gsm). Color is bright white on both sides, and one side is slightly shiny. This pure white kraft paper expands your options for adding your own color and designs. The paper can also used to backcoat foil or softer papers, or used alone. Great for crumpling, good for wet folding. Due the thinness of the paper, it is also great for complex models with a lot of layers.
12” squares 30 sheets

Sold out and discontinued


When I think of kraft paper, a heavy brown or white wrapping paper comes to mind. This paper is different. If one could find a median between that kraft paper and glassine, this would be it. To its credit, the sheets are square and the density of 30 gsm is about right.