Tissue Foil Assorted

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Handmade tissue foil – 4 sheets in the package have the same color tissue on both sides (mono-colored) and one sheet has different colors on each side (duo-colored). Tissue foil is known for being both strong and malleable, allowing for shaping models or creating thin, delicate appendages. These 12 inch sheets provide a large canvas for working on complex models or can be cut down to 3-inch or 6-inch sheets if desired. This paper is handmade for OrigamiUSA and each sheet and package is unique. If you have ever wanted to try folding with tissue foil these 12 inch sheets are a great opportunity without the mess of making the tissue foil yourself. Since this is a limited quantity, handmade product, we may run out of stock for periods of time – therefore this product will always be listed as clearance to prevent backorders.
12” squares 5 sheets

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